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Poster on COP26 - Net Zero Emission 2022
Poster on Air Quality Index 2022
Poster on Gangetic Dolphin 2021
Bio-Medical Waste Management - A need to protect public health & environment 2021
Poster on Global Recycling Day 2021
Booklet on Pastic Waste Management 2020
CPCB ENVIS Newsletter July - September 2019
CPCB ENVIS Newsletter April - June 2019
Poster 1 on World Environment Day 2019 Air Pollution
Poster 2 on World Environment Day 2019 Air Pollution
CPCB ENVIS Newsletter January- March 2019
Handout on Green Skill Development Programme (GSDP) 2019
Poster on World Water Day 2019 on Water for All
Booklet on Do's & Don'ts 2018
Poster on World Environment Day 2018 Plastic Pollution
Booklet on Water - The Elixir of Life 2017
Handout on जल जनित रोग 2017
Handout on वायू प्रदूषण 2017
Handout on खाद मिट्टी का पोषण 2017
Handout on नगरीय ठोष अपशिष्ट 2017
Posters - River GANGA 2017  
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Hindi Posters
"River GANGA"

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Handout on Waterborne diseases 2016
गंगा समाचार (Ganga Bulletin) 2016
Green Book - Eco Information Kit 2016

CPCB ENVIS publication "Green Book" ,promoted by Vridhi Foundation

Booklet on "Compost", 2016
Infographic on "Municipal Solid Waste", 2016
गंगा समाचार (Ganga Bulletin) ISSUE 2 2015
Green Calendar - Eco Information Kit 2015  
Green Calendar - Eco Information Kit 2015 for Students
Posters - World Environment Day 2015 Release  
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Poster 3
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Poster 3 View
गंगा समाचार (Ganga Bulletin) ISSUE 1 2015 - WED 2015 Release
CPCB ENVIS Newsletter 2015 - WED 2015 Release
Ambient Air Quality & Noise Levels on Deepawali 2013
Bio- Medical Waste Managemnt : An Overview
An Introduction Of CPCB (English)
An Introduction Of CPCB (Hindi)
Urban Waste Profile
Our Environmental Network Water, Air & Noise
Water Quality Management of India


Rainwater Harvesting in India - An Appraisal 2016  
Rainwater Harvesting in India - An Appraisal
Rainwater harvesting (RWH) is a process of collecting, conveying, and storing the rainfall in an area for the beneficial purposes. Considering the problems of severe water scarcity, pollution in existing surface water bodies, and floods during rainy seasons in India; the adoption of rainwater harvesting practices is quite necessary and need of the hour.

This study focuses over the need, methods, detailed procedure for the establishment of RWH system, and cost analysis for rainwater harvesting etc. Various legislations imposed in different states and union territories of India are also mentioned. The study also helps the people to judge the best way to use the harvested water as per their need, geography of the area, sub-surface geology, and prevailing local conditions.
Air Pollution in Delhi - An Analytical Study 2015  
Air Pollution in Delhi - An Analytical Study
Air quality in Delhi has been analyzed on the basis of data available from various sources. It was found that air quality of Delhi is affected by a number of factors ranging from transportation, industrialization, constructional activities, to meteorological conditions in and around Delhi. To tackle the situation, conclusive measures need to be taken to ensure healthy and safe environment for the people.


CPCB - Initiatives and Achievements, 2016  
CPCB - Initiatives and Achievements
"CPCB - Initiatives and Achievements" report focusses various initiatives taken by the CPCB to combat the pollution, and the degree of acheivements acquired during 2014-16. The report also clearly demonstrates the likely impact of the initiatives taken.
GANGA MANTHAN - A Segmental Approach to Conserve River Ganga, 2016  
GANGA MANTHAN - A Segmental Approach to Conserve River Ganga
Restoration of water quality of River Ganga is high on national agenda. CPCB (NGRBA) has made an attempt to evolve a segmented Action Plan which is based on identifying sources of pollution and assesment of pollution load of each segment of the river.

CPCB ENVIS took the initiative to represent this approach in a pictorial form for better demarcation of different segments along with their primary characterstics. This infographic of segmental approach will prove to be very informative and supportive for
(Infographic mounted at CPCB, Delhi)


Bio-mapping of Rivers - Case study Assam State - Aug 2005
Sewage Pollution -Feb 2005
Dioxin(PCDDs) And Furan(PCDFs) -Dec 2004
Solid Waste Management in Slaughter House -Sep 2004
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons In Air And Their Effects On Human Health -Nov 2003
Bio-monitoring of wetlands in wildlife habitats of India Part - I Bird Sanctuaries - Jul 2003
Wetlands part 2
Transport Fuel Adulteration - Jul 2003
Groundwater - July 2003
R&D for Pollution Control CPCB Initiatives - Jun 2003
Inspection/Maintenance & Certification System for In-use Vehicles - May 2003
Alternative Transport Fuels An Overview-Apr 2003
Odour Pollution and its Control - Jan 2003
Public Interest Litigations - Dec 2002
Climate Change - Oct 2002
Biodiesel As Automobile Fuel - Sept 2002
Benzene in Air and its Effect on Human Health - Feb 2002
Air Pollution And Human Health-Sept 2001
Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) - Dec 2001
Environmental Management Plan Kanpur Urban Area- May 2001
Bio-Monitoring of Water Quality in Problem Areas - Apr 2001
Environmental Management System- Feb 2001
Common Effluent Treatment Plants - Nov 2000
Polluting Industries
Clean Coal Initiatives - Jun 2000
Bio-Mapping Of Rivers - Mar 1999
Auto Emissions - Jun 1999
Plastic Waste Management - Sep 1998
Municipal Solid Wastes - Jun 1997
Cleaner Production Options for Pulp & Paper Industry - Sept 1997
Zoning Atlas For Siting Industries - June 1996
Bio-Monitoring of Water - Sept, 1995
Assessment and Development Study of River Basin - Mar 1995
Depletion of Ozone Layer and Its Implications - Sept 1994
Agro - based Industries - Dec 1994
Technologies for Pollution Control Industry - Oct 1999
Hazardous Waste Management - June 1998