As a result of various meetings and discussions with the industry and experts, and the field visits to waste collection and recycling centers, the Task Force identified the following strategy and action programme.

Evolving integrated plastics waste management policy, with priority for increase in total recovery in terms of materials and energy.


  1. Raising consumer and public awareness, upgrading methodology of waste collection and segregation promoting social and environmental status of waste collectors/rag pickers, who are responsible for collection of plastics waste in India.
  2. Evolving plastics waste management system with appropriate guidelines and directives; and
  3. Promoting up gradation, technically and environmentally, of recycling/reprocessing systems/technologies, and end products applications with desired recycled content, and formulating guidelines.
Issues of Concern


  • Social and consumer awareness, to promote proper disposal culture through identified and appropriately located dust bins, both in public places, residential, institutional and industrial areas, including hotels and catering establishments, through audio-visual media, publications/newsletters/video films/posters etc./exhibitions/seminars/workshops.
Technical & Environmental
  • Plastics packaging, consumption, waste generation, collection and disposal.
  • Evolving plastics waste management system;
  • Upgradation of materials recycling technology;
  • Social and environmental issues relating to working conditions in plastics recycling industry;
  • Limits to materials recycling; and
  • Technology-based incineration to recover energy.
To promote Government-industry interaction, and consumer awareness in respect of plastics waste recycling and demand for recycled content in products through:

  • Systematic applications develop-mental research for promoting end products, their codification/standardization into critical and non-critical areas;
  • Industry initiatives and stewardship, by promoting shared producer-user responsibility.
  • Legislation approach; Incentives/penalties for checking the growth of plastics packaging waste;
  • Industry-funded and Government supported institutional setup with a view to promoting industry's cause towards plastics waste management through setting up of Indian Centre for Plastics in the Environment (ICPE).